About Herb's Cider

Herb's Cider is a craft styled cider produced by Drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander best known for his drumming in Primus.  The nickname "Herb" was given to Tim because of Tim's affinity with ginseng herbal products. Tim has since been affectionately known by fans as "Herb the Ginseng Drummer". 

Tim and his wife created their first batch of cider in their garage in the fall of 2016. It was a blend of Ambrosia and Gravenstein apples and Japanese Pears, leftover from their garden. They didn't want the apples to rot, so Tim rented an apple press and the rest is history....

There's a bit of this that runs in the bloodline. Tim's great granddaddy was a old Kentucky moonshiner. Through the 1930's, John Bascom Horn made moonshine for all the so-called "big wigs" in the county -- anyone from politicians, doctors, lawyers to even judges. According to family lore, he was a wild man who loved to drink his own moonshine. We are told, Horn like to ride his horse through his house, gun in hand and shoot out the windows. He was jailed for bootlegging during the Prohibition. In later years, his shiny copper still was put on display at the local courthouse. It seems Tim picked up a bit of Horn's old "bathtub gin" spirit and love for producing quality, handcrafted beverages..

We are based in Bellingham, Washington, and work in conjunction with Center Valley Orchards in Chimacum, Washington.  Our cider is made with 100% organic Washington apples.