Dragon’s Head Cider Review: Heritage Rosé

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Owners, Tim “Herb” Alexander and Shama Alexander had a chance to stop by Capitol Ciderin between sets at Capitol Hill Block party a couple weeks ago. Capitol Cider was Seattle’s first cider bar and is home to over 200 ciders from around the world. They decided on a local Heritage Rosé from Dragon’s Head Cider.

They were excited to see it offered on the menu, as Dragon’s Head Cideris one of Herb’s favorite ciders! Located in Vashon Island, Wes and Laura Cherry make most of their ciders from the apples they grow in their own orchard. They pick, press, ferment and bottle all on their farm. The apples are picked and pressed in the early fall to give them plenty of time to ferment. The pressed juice stays in the tanks through the winter, and the process of blending the ciders begins in the spring. And just in time for summer, the ciders are bottled and sent out all across Washington state. At Dragon’s Head they focus on the quality of the ingredients, time, and traditional cider-making, and you can taste that exceptional care in each glass.

The Heritage Rosé gets its vibrant pink color from the redfield and mountain rose apples in it. This variety of apples have a red flesh that lightens into a bright pink color in the bottle. With a 6.9% abv. this cider packs a punch. The semi-dry cider includes a fruit forward scent with delicate notes of strawberry and rhubarb. This cider is not overly sweet which makes it a great cider for a number of palates. The light fruit flavor and the slight sweetness makes this cider perfect for an end of summer BBQ. Get it while you can because you won’t be able to find it until next summer!

“Herb” Approved