Tim "Herb" Alexander


Herb is a long-time cider aficionado who is making waves in the craft industry after he started making cider in his garage while on break from music. The world knows him as a drummer… Well, not just any drummer. He’s been in a few bands, but is best known for his work with alt-rock band, Primus. He is affectionately known as “Herb” by Primus fans – hence, “Herb’s Cider”.

Shama Alexander

Prior to starting Herb’s Cider, Shama specialized in corporate sustainability. In recent years she held roles as the Sustainability Officer of North American operations for BC-based LUSH Cosmetics and Director of Industry Relations for the Non-GMO Project. She has an MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Business Management and undergraduate degrees in Environmental Economics and International Relations.

Chris Weir

Head Cider Maker
Chris was formerly the original cider maker for Finnriver Cidery, and was most recently a brewer for Port Townsend Brewing Co. He has won awards for his creative and sophisticated ciders. He is young, innovative and passionate about the craft industry. He has 12 years of experience in craft cider, beer, wine and champagne production. He is best known for the creation of the “Habanero” cider.

Deron Belt

Operations & Administrative Director

Deron is an entrepreneur with nearly two decades of operations experience. He is a devout appreciator of apples, Billy Murray and Big Chief writing tablets. Hailing from the Midwest, Deron brought his family (and his love of the Royals) to Bellingham many years ago. Right now, he’s just super excited to help Herb’s Cider reach more taste buds.

Kevin Weir

Assistant Cider Maker

Kevin’s dad was a bee keeper, and started him off early in life making honey mead. He then graduated to pressing apples and making cider, the old fashioned way. He is the production floor staple for filling tanks, pressing, kegging and canning. He loves to make (and drink) only exceptional alcohol.

Charlie Alexander

Cider House Dog

Charlie is our mascot. She roams the floors of our production facility, our offices, our tasting room and our hearts. She’s also lovingly known to the HC team as “Coffee Table” and “1/2-Barrel”.

Vinnie Alexander

Cider House Dog

Vinnie is Numero Dos cider dog. She scampers around constantly annoying our cider makers with her antics. Sorry guys! She is also known as “Vin Diesel” and the “Growler”.